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Hello, I will be going to my home to visit my family and my wife will not be able to help in the evenings with walking our dogs. We are looking for someone that can walk our dogs for about an hour around 3-4pm. My wife works from home and will not be able to walk them during the day while she is in meetings. One is a smaller dog, Mariachi he is about 10kg, super easy to walk. The other, my dog Mabel, she is a little more of a challenge. She is a black lab mix and is about 25kg. She is scared of the sounds in the city and can be aggressive towards other dogs. I have been working with her and it has improved but she is strong and we want someone that can handle her. The smaller dog is good, he barks but he listens. Mabel is a good dog but she is stressed with the city, we moved her from the country. Please let us know if you can help. The dates are not set in stone yet and we would only need help once a day during the week. Weekends we will not need help. Thank you for you time. Ben and Gina I was unaware I had to pay to respond so please contact me through WhatsApp 1 (517)9379253

25 Mar - 12 Apr
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