Privacy Policy

At CareToPets Ltd. we take care of our users confidentiality. The present policy describes the information that we process on the site, how we collect them, for what purpose and how we protect them.

What kind of data we collect?

For our site to fulfill its purpose and to help parents and owners to find caregivers, we need to process some data about the persons who sign up on as providers of sitting services and about the persons looking for this services.
What you need to know is that we only store data about you and we are not processing it in any other way.

Information and content that you provide. We store the data you offer when you use the site, specifically when you create an account (either as a sitter/ caregiver or as an parent/ owner looking for a sitter, when you create bookings, public requests or send messages or other info like: pictures, text, location.

Info about the device. We collect info about the device from which you accessed the site, specifically if you accessed the site from the computer, tablet or phone. This is to ensure a good navigation experience and to better understand how to constantly improve the site so that you can use it more easy and safely. These types of data are collected through Cookie modules.

Information we store about the devices are:

  • Device characteritics: info about operating system, browser type and screen resolution.
  • Device operations: info about the way you navigate through the site, specifically, the buttons clicked on the site or mouse movements.
  • Identifiers: unique identifiers, device identifiers.
  • Network and connectin: info like the name of the mobile provider or of the internet service provider, phone number, IP address.

How we use these information?

We use the information we have and the options you express for:

• To fulfill the scope of, namely to facilitate parents/ owners to find a sitter/ caregiver, and for sitters to be contacted by potential clients).

• To improve website, including for personalizing the site and its functions. This can be achieved through surveys, suggestions forms, research, tests or by implementing new features).

• To promote integrity, seriousness, safety and security: We use the information we have to verify the accounts and the activity of the pet sitters, to combat the creation of fake or multiple accounts from the same person, to combat innapropiate behaviour and for avoiding negative experiences. In this scope, we use the data we have to investigate possible violations of our policies.

•To communicate with you: We use the info we have to send messages, emails with the purpose to communicate with you, to inform you about our policies and conditions and to respond when you contact us.

Summary of the data we collect, for what purpose and how we use them

Email Address It's used in order to receive notifications about reservations and for us to be able to communicate with our users. We DO NOT share your email with other visitors, parents, owners, sitters, caregivers or third parties.

Phone Number It's used in order to receive sms notifications about requests and reservations and thus learning sooner about their news, also for us to be able to communicate with you. We share phone numbers of the sitters/ caregivers only to parents/ owners who have an active subscription

Name We protect the identity of the users by showing only their first name.

The city and street where you live For Sitters, we show on their public profile, the city and street where they live, without showing the street number. This facilitates parents/ owners choosing a right sitter. To help sitters to determine the feasabilty of a request, owners must provide details about their location. Also, we use info about the location to calculate distance from sitters and potential clients, thus offering relevant results.

We DO NOT store credit card data from which we receive payments.

Images from sitting time Sitters can send us images from during sitting, which with their agreemenet we post in our Facebook album, we can process them as social media posts or in some case we use them in our promotional materials

Email and SMS notifications

For facilitating and accelerating the time it takes to find a sitter, we send you a series of emails and sms (transactional) regarding news and reminders about your received or sent reservations and requests, as well as emails about the improvements which we made to the platform.

in addition, based on the email preferences you choose, we will send you emails (newsletters) with news about baby/ pet/ house care, useful info or promotions.

Cookies are small text files, downloaded in the memory of your computer, phone or tablet, which play the role of the site's memory. Cookies itself do not require personal data in order to be used and in most cases they do not identify internet users

What types of cookies we use?

  1. Strictly necessary Cookies for website functioning: choosen language and account registration cookies that tell you if you are signed up or not and it shows you the account with which you are signed in
  2. Website performance Cookies: these analyze the was users use our website and allows us to improve pur services, as well as to measure the audience and traffic of the site's pages: Google Analytics, Hotjar, Facebook
  3. Marketing Cookies: helps us measure the performance of pur marketing campaigns: Google, Facebook

When accesing the website we inform you of the fact that our platform uses cookies and we offer you the posibility to learn more about how we use these cookies, as well as to give your consent regarding the use of Cookies (performance cookies, marketing cookies, functional cookies). However, in order for you to use pur platform we need to use the cookis in the Strictly necessary category, otherwise you will not be able to use our site. We can also use, without your explicit consent, cookies that keep your anonimity, which do not identify you according to personal data law

How can you modify cookie settings?
You can adjust your confidentality settigs in the browser in order to block all cookies; however, this can badly affect your navigation experience on the website. Your browser can also allow you to delete all cookie modules when closing the browser. This option, however, leads to deleting of the persistent cookies, which can store your preferences and personalized settings

How can you exercise the rights provided in the General Data Protection Regulation?

As it is provided in the GDPR, you have the right to access, modify, export and delete your data.

The right to access the data cosists in having access to the data we have about you (sitters/caregivers or parents/ owners signed up on the site).
The data we collect are: name, phone number, email address, current location, IP, uploaded pictures and to access to this data you have to access the My Profile section from the menu.

The right to modify your data consists in providing you the possibility do modify your data whenever you want and also to change the agreemenets you have given us, for example you can change your agreement to receive email newsletters.

The right to export your data, reresents your right to receive your personal data in a structured format.

The right to delete your data, represents deleting your personal data, in case your data is not needed to fulfill the purpose for which they were collected.

The right to access data, The right to modify data - you can personally exercise from your profile or user account.

The right to delete your data, The right to export your data - you can exercise by sending us a written request on our email address:, and we will respond to your request in maximum 30 days, from the moment you sent the request.

Third parties

We do not sell, exchange or transfer in any way your personal data to third parties, without noticing you first and having your explicit agreement. Exceptions are The hosting provider and other third parties that help us operating and delivering our service to our users, as long as they maintain data confidentiality, as well as the law enforcement institutions who have to right to receive user data on request..

How we protect the data that we collect?

We limit the data collected to which is strictly necessary. Your personal data are stored or protected servers, accisible only to authorized personnel and only to provide the service for which the site was created. All the communication between the server and user is SSL encrypted (Secure Socket Layer).

Storing data, disabling and deleting you account

We store the pet sitter data, during the time you have an active account on our website, and later, if you delete your account, the reservations you have up to that time will appear as anonymus.

How do we notify you about the changes made to this policy?

We will send you a notification before we make any changes to this policy.

How can you address questions regarding this policies and about how the site works?

If you have questions about the present Policies you can address them by email at