Trusted pet sitter instead of
dog hotel

Why Pet Owners prefer pet sitters

Here are the 4 main reasons

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They are loving and trusted

Pet sitters are pre-verified and have reviews from other clients. Our sitters are friendly, experienced pet lovers. They will take care of your pets like they are their own

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Confortable, NO CAGES

Your dog or cat will be hosted in pet sitter's home, without isolation, how it would be at a pet hotel. There is also the option for home visits..

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Attention only for your dog or cat

In a dog or cat hotel, the attention of the carerers is distributed, having many pets hosted in the same time. With a pet sitter, your pet benefits of a lot of attention, only for himself.

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Personalization for your pet's needs

You need your cat or dog to be fed with their special food, follow their schedule and habits? No problem! Pet sitter can accomodate with your requests.

Over 200 positive reviews from clients

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Zsófi (dog boarding Budapest)

Evelin óriási segítségett jelentett nekem. Misi is nagyon jól érezte magát vele, igazán megkedvelte őt. Szívesen fogok hozzá és a DogSurfhöz is fordulni legközelebb is. Köszönöm!

How it works?

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Activate one of the access packages and begin to search for sitters

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Find Pet Sitter

Contact sitters, discuss the details and meet. Once you reach an agreement, create a reservation

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Petsitter takes care of your pet like it were his own and you'll receive pictures and updates

Search trusted pet sitter

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Dog walking
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Frequently asked questions

A Pet Sitter is a verified and trusted pet lover with experience, who can offer pet boarding in their home, or visit pets at your place or dog walking.

We verify the id cards and other documents that prove their experience with pets and we perform interviews with each of them. Optionally we can verify their social media profiles or track record.

After activating an access package, you can find a pet sitter:
a) call or message directly
b) fill out a public request which will be sent to all sitters in the area and the ones available will send you a price offer.

You pay for the acces package online with card. You will pay the Pet sitters directly in cash. You also get a discount for sitting services, depending on the package type.

We are planning to launch an insurance offering for accidents and emergencies soon.

Access packages helps us to build a sustainable platform and facilitates quality assurance, operational and support activities. see more details

For Pet Sitters

We're expanding our pet sitter team in Debrecen, Szeged, Győr and Pécs

Love animals? Have a flexible schedule and you can board pets in your home? From know, you can earn extra income by taking care of pets and while doing something you enjoy.